Veritas Christian Academy is more than a school it is a ministry founded on a partnership between parents, instructors, and students. Our university model strategically allows parents to be with their children more, helping them retain their God-designed roles as integral players in their children’s childhood and education. With students in the central classroom with instructors two or three days a week, we can provide deep thinking questions and content to inspire the students and to help guide your students during satellite days at home.

What does a university-model look like for our families? You can also develop a greater understanding of our vision by visiting the website for the National Association for University Model Schools. 

University-Model approach is the convergence into one model, the best aspects of home with the best attributes of traditional education and produces its own specialized culture and community.  Veritas exists to love and glorify God, help fulfill the Great Commission, affirm and encourage parents and to educate students with excellence, integrating home with school learning. Veritas offers professional instruction for Lower School students two days a week and Upper School Students three days a week. Students study for classes in their satellite classrooms (home or otherwise) under a parent’s guidance. 


University-Model is neither a home school nor a homeschool cooperative. Neither is UM a traditional classroom approach. Rather, the UM is truly a tertium quid, a third kind. In the University-Model, the program and parents partner together. This is what sets Veritas apart. The emphasis on partnership, both with God and each other. Classroom teachers lead and produce lesson plans designed to bring parents into the academic process. Parents agree to this partnership by following the teachers plans and overseeing their student in the satellite classroom experience. UM provides an excellent, well- rounded education with less time in the formal classroom, less cost to families and more opportunities for parents and children to grow positive relationships. Think of it as a university course structure, appropriately adapted to the elementary and secondary school grades and directly integrating parents as educational partners.  


Closer parent-child relationships produce better academic results and UM offers a quality, cost-effective education that produces college-worthy graduates in a way that gives parents more time to impart to their children the love, faith, and values they hold dear. UM was developed as a means of acquiring a high-quality education that helps disciple Christian young people while strengthening the cornerstone of the home. 


We hope to accomplish this by providing an academically sound education in a structure that integrates the home and the school in the common enterprise of making disciples; thus, a quality education, centered around the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, also becomes quality family time devoted to learning more about the Creator and His creation. The University-Model consists of three main components: 1) a biblical foundation with an emphasis on discipleship; 2) a general structure which seeks a high level of integration between home and school in the educational endeavor; and 3) a striving for academic excellence. 


The UM philosophy and core values are:

  1. Parents are the key.
  2. The character of Christ is the goal. 
  3. Education is the means
  4. Excellence is the standard.