Veritas Christian Academy has a thorough admissions process in an attempt to be inclusive of families who strongly desire a Classical, Christian, University-Model education with an emphasis on character development and parental involvement. Veritas Christian Academy is accredited through UMSI | University-Model® Schools International  NAUMS, Inc. and Cognia™ Global and gladly partners with the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS).

If you have any questions regarding the admissions process, please don’t hesitate to contact our Office of Admissions at

The Process

1 | Meet

Attend a School Preview Day. This is a great way (and requirement) to determine if Veritas Christian Academy is the right fit for your family.

3 | Pray

Veritas Christian Academy desires to partner with families with the same mindset when it comes to a Christian, Classical, University-Model education. Prayerfully consider your family’s educational needs and whether those needs can be met through a partnership with VCA.

4 | Apply

Complete an application for each student, including all required documentation and fees. The process for requesting an application will be provided at the School Preview Day. 

5 | Shadow and Assessments

The Office of Admissions will contact you to schedule a day for your student to shadow at the school. Your student will also complete a grade level assessment on his/her shadow day. Families will also have the opportunity to tour the school on “Shadow Day.” *Please note that we offer “Shadow Days” from February through the first week of May.*

6 | Interview

The Office of Admissions will contact you to schedule a family interview. The purpose of the family interview is to discuss the compatibility of the family’s goals with the methods and philosophy of Veritas Christian Academy. Parents need to have read the required reading prior to attending the family interview.

7 | Acceptance and Enrollment

Once all the enrollment paperwork and fees are received and your family has been notified of acceptance, your student will be officially enrolled. 

8 | Preparation and Resources

Parents will receive training from teachers to gain a better understanding of our curriculum as well as satellite school days. You will also receive detailed information on how to purchase books, supplies, uniforms, and other materials on training days.

The week prior to the first day of classes, all families will join us for the Back-To-School Informational Session. Students will have the opportunity to meet his/her teacher and visit the classroom.

New families can register for School Preview Day using the link below.