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An introduction to classical university-style education.

Two-day and three-day options

Review our tuition and fees for your grade level and number of days your child will attend.

Junior Kindergarten – Kindergarten

Pre-Grammar Stage

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten are designed to take full advantage of a young child's heart and excitement for learning. Veritas Christian Academy offers more than a traditional exploration of learning and social skills. Through partnering with parents, we aim to build fundamental skills based on Christ-focused truths. We take a hands-on approach to learning to read and write through the Orton-Gillingham phonics-based approach to learning. Pre-grammar involves a rigorous math curriculum instructed through manipulatives, games, and written work.  The classical thread of memorization begins through poetry, prayers, scripture, and songs. Read-alouds are incorporated for exposure to beautiful literature. Our students additionally explore building relationships with peers through dramatic play and increase fine motor skills.

1st - 6th Grade

Grammar Stage

The Grammar stage is known as the inputting of knowledge and information. Children in grades 1-4 are capable of memorizing remarkable amounts of information which will later serve as the foundational building blocks for the Logic (grades 5-8) and Rhetoric (grades 9-12) phases of classical education. Our Lower School program seeks first and foremost to bring honor to the LORD by focusing on heart formation and on the ability to evaluate and discern truth. 

Our program features the following studies:

Christian Studies

Veritas follows yearly rotational family studies focusing on specific books of the Bible. All of our students, grades 1-12, work through the same passages throughout the year with an inductive study of God’s word.


Research shows that the phonics based approach Veritas uses to teach students to read and write is highly effective. Creating neurological pathways in students' brains will allow them to make connections between letters and sounds. Students are learning the building blocks of words including the 72 basic phonograms and English spelling rules in order to decode and encode words with confidence. Students study the structure of sentences, paragraphs and basic narratives through labeling, diagramming, dissecting, and writing processes.


Veritas follows a unique writing program designed by veteran Veritas instructors and based upon a classical writing progression. This same progression of writing development has been followed for generations by scholars such as C.S. Lewis, Benjamin Franklin, and the Apostle Paul. Our program encourages writing across the curricula and develops communicators who can express and defend truth with confidence.

We foster the study and appreciation of classical literature as we search for goodness, truth, and beauty in great works, including Beatrix Potter, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Robin Hood, Mary Poppins, The Hobbit, Anne of Green Gables, King Arthur, and many others. Our students learn how to face trials and overcome challenges they may face. They learn to THINK, ASK QUESTIONS, and SEEK TRUTH through the right and wrong choices characters make. Classical literature is timeless and opens discussions about core values and morals to build their inner strength.


We endeavor to develop a sense of wonder at God’s creation through study, hands-on experiments, and application of the scientific method. 

We anchor our studies in texts that explore God’s creation from a biblically based worldview in the scientific fields of General Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, and Physics.


Students in the Lower School use a rigorous conceptual and fluency-based math program. Engaging visuals and hands-on manipulatives build on prior knowledge to develop concepts in an approachable way.

Foreign Language

Students in grades 1-6 are immersed into spoken Latin while also studying grammar and vocabulary. Learning Latin has been proven to be a critical part of classical learning and offers benefits such as: strengthening overall vocabulary, improving the understanding of the English language, developing critical thinking skills, providing a foundation for modern languages, and overall knowledge helpful in legal, scientific, and medical fields of study. We accomplish this through the use of translation, spoken Latin, memorization, and dramatic presentations.


Veritas students study a chronological history progression from Kindergarten through 6th grade. Our approach to history begins with understanding the use of a timeline. The content progresses to the Old Testament and Ancient Egypt, New Testament, Greece and Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation, Explorers, subsequently students complete the Lower School studying present day.  

Electives and Performing Arts

Students participate in Choir and will perform during special ceremonies, such as the Christmas and Resurrection Programs. 

Our Lower School program also participates in a variety of dramatic presentations throughout the year including our Christmas and Resurrection programs, as well as our school-wide Night at the Academy production. 

You can learn more about these programs on our School Life page.

3rd Day Experience

Families that select to participate in the 3-day option will experience an Art class with exposure to the 7 elements of art. Students are taught to observe artwork and the nature and beauty of God’s creation all around them.

We offer optional lessons in piano, strings, and guitar through private instructors who visit our campus on Wednesdays.