Fine Arts

Classical Christian education emphasizes the fine arts as a means to cultivate a love and appreciation for beauty and to raise well-rounded individuals. Music and painting are considered fine arts that can also express ideas, as rhetoric aims to do. Music was once considered a liberal art because of its connection to numerical proportions, and learning music at a young age can lead to better pitch and rhythm later in life. The quadrivium, which includes mathematics, was also considered a liberal art due to its focus on logic and reasoning rather than rote learning. Here at Veritas we use both the fine and liberal arts in conjunction with one another... Just like how the partnership between program and home…to develop and challenge the beautiful complexity that is found in the mind and hearts of our students. We intentionally begin training our students beginning in PreK to participate in ceremonies and special programs throughout the year. Night at the Academy, lovingly known as NATA, is the schoolwide culmination and highlight of our year together. Our students train in the Fine Arts which is both to lead them into the appreciation of beauty but also to prepare them for the ways they will present themselves, messages, and their faith in the coming years. 


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