Heartache to Hope

If you have ever wondered what God can do with a broken hallelujah, here is some evidence. Out of the ashes of loss, our very own precious alumni, Anne Wilson, has walked a path of trust through tragedy that inspires not just us, but now, potential millions. Her story gives us hope as we desire to follow the Lord in all our life, but most especially in the seasons of pain and heartbreak.

In the early moments trying to comprehend the news that her brother Jacob had gone on to his eternal home, she knew she faced a decision. Would she give in to anger, questions and grief, or would she turn towards God in trust? Anne would tell you, it has not been a perfect journey, but that decision to trust Jesus with the loss of Jacob changed the whole trajectory of her life.

Grief led her into a place she had never been before with a place where she needed God like she needed air to breathe. This season of suffering also clarified some foundational pieces in her life as the Lord’s love, tenderness and comfort drew near to her. Her time spent in the Veritas community became not just a lifeline in those early days, as they showed up to surround the family with the tangible love of Jesus, but in reflection, she would credit her time and influence there with some of the critical shaping and support she needed for her path ahead. The Lord’s provision in the walls of Veritas was the catalyst, in so many ways, to her firm foundation in Jesus. Not only did Veritas provide a place to learn about TRUTH in every subject, but also she learned about the Person of TRUTH. Knowing TRUTH would guide her through the shock of grief and towards the precious call to lay aside her own life plans and move into a surrendered place and total dependence on the One she loves, her Jesus.

The decision to trust the Lord with her life and testimony has led her on the most unexpected adventures, the first, coming within hours of losing Jacob. As The Wilsons tried to wrap their minds around the process to lay their son to rest and honor Jacob, it became clear that they needed someone to sing at his celebration of life service. The Lord used this first moment of faith as He called Anne out into the open waters of trust and she agreed to sing, for the first time publicly, to honor Jacob and praise Jesus.

What followed was a chain of unexpected calls and opportunities which included: signing with Capitol Records at 17, writing songs and releasing a debut album. In 2021 Anne released her first single My Jesus which went certified Gold, and was at number one for weeks. She won two KLOVE radio fan awards, Female Artist of the Year and Breakout Single and two GMA Dove awards, New Artist of the Year and Pop Contemporary Recorded Song of The Year. Anne has also been on 6 tours, released her first book My Jesus, released the single Hey Girl, started Hey Girl Nation, released Me on Your Mind with Mathew West and The Manger with Josh Turner, and was nominated for a GRAMMY.

This list is mind blowing. The Lord has done a mighty work in all this. We are so proud of you Anne. Not for all the accomplishments, and those are impressive alone, but for being a role model and encouragement to so many and a reminder, that in the end of all other worldly and temporary things, our relationship with Jesus, will be all that matters. You truly embody the hope you have placed in HIM and your desire to live for the Kingdom of Heaven. We love you and are cheering for all the potential freedom you offer others as you share the love of Jesus in the coming year.

Would the Lord bless you and keep you, make His face shine down upon you, and give you peace.